Flexibility & Control

Streamline your slide-lines with accuracy that’s consistent.

See how Flexline™’s features can make your slide-lines more effective

Workflow Management

Customize Your Workflow

Don’t let surprises disrupt your workflow. Keep your slide-lines moving with confidence by using Flexline™ to easily manage personnel fluctuations in real-time.
Quality Control

Build Quality Assurance

Back your hand assembly with rich visual instructions, and self-verification at each slide-line station to ensure that parts and placement are always accurate.
Component Locator

Search With Precision

Flexline™ offers unlimited licensed access to our Locator™ tool so you can highlight the exact location of even the smallest of components with infinite zoom at any point of the production process.
Setup & Configuration

Get Started in No Time

Flexline™ generates PCB assembly instructions in seconds with configuration so simple anyone can do it. Just drag and drop tasks to build and modify to your team’s workflow instantly.

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Increase Productivity
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Improve Quality Control
Simple Visual Integration
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