Easy, Visual, Intuitive

Real-time actionable data all in one simple interface.

See how Heatwave™’s features can support your assembly line

Visual Intelligence

See Details at a Glance

Easily manage end-to-end quality control all in one place. With a quick Board ID search you can generate an intelligent live map of critical production details to determine your next steps.
Live Analysis

Get Real-Time Visibility

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets. Heatwave™ automatically captures all your critical business insights in real-time, so you always know exactly where your production stands.
Component Locator

Search With Precision

Heatwave™ offers unlimited licensed access to our Locator™ tool so you can highlight the exact location of even the smallest of components with infinite zoom at any point of the production process.
Live Remote Access

Stay Connected

Seamlessly connect to all of your data anytime, anywhere.

Eliminate Failures

Avoid the added costs and delays of rework.

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Lower Production Costs
Increase Productivity
Annual Renewable Licenses
Improve Quality Control
Simple Visual Integration
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